Rainy days in Georgia

By Kevin

We’re sitting at the Morning Star Marina on St. Simon Island. This beautiful area is part of the greater Brunswick, Georgia area and is the primary urban center in southeastern Georgia.

We’ve been sitting here for two nights, enjoying the marina and nearby areas. We are not sticking around, though, because of the beauty of the area. It just won’t stop raining! After motoring for two days in heavy rain and wind with little sleep, when we pulled into the slip at Morning Star, we all collapsed in bed.

We are planning to stay here one more night, waiting for the forecast sunshine. Then, we’ll continue north aiming to hit Savanna by the afternoon of May 7th.

One thought on “Rainy days in Georgia

  1. I am so glad to find your blog and will spend the next couple of days reading archives. I could truly use a little friendly advice as my husband and 2 kids head to the Bahamas for a week. If you could spare a moment to answer some questions in an email, please contact me at m.niemczyk@unf.edu
    Thank you! Meghan

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