We’re back in the U.S.A

By Kevin

Real LIfe and crew are sitting safely in a slip at Harbortown Marina, Fort Pierce, Florida, after sailing for 33 hours from the Abacos.

We’ll post more on our last 4-5 days in the Bahamas when we wake up from our stupor.

Heading home soon

By Kevin

We’re sitting in Treasure Cay right now, about 150 miles due east of the coast of Florida. When the weather gods smile upon us, we’ll be leaving the shores of the Abacos and Bahamas and heading home.

We are planning to shove off early Monday and sail two nights northwest to arrive in Jacksonville by Wednesday.

As always, our itinerary is written in sand.

Man-o-War Cay

By Jennifer

We sailed from Hope Town for a lunch stop at Man-o-War Cay, where the Loyalists are known for their boat crafting skills. The other main attraction was the Sail Shop — where women sew a variety of bags from sail cloth and other fabrics. It was a complete craze in there with visitors elbowing there way around the shop, including us!

In and around Hope Town

By Jennifer

Hope Town was by far my favorite stop in the Abacos. Hope Town was settled in the late 1700s by Loyalists, people throughout Colonial America who fled after the American Revolution. Throughout the town you see the brightly colored cottages and quaint, narrow roadways. One of our favorite spots was the ice cream shop! We made back to back stops there during our four day stay. We also hiked to the top of the red and whited striped lighthouse, one of the remaining kerosene lit lighthouses in the world.

Arrival in the Abacos

By Jennifer

Our first stop in the Abacos was near a Bahamas Land and Sea Park, where beach combing on this small beach in the Abaco Sea revealed many treasures.